Lipinsky Hall

Opened in 1964 and named after a local businessman, Lipinsky Hall served as the campus's first student union building. It is situated on the north corner of the Quad, next to Ramsey Library. The building houses Lipinsky Auditorium, a 580-seat venue for lectures, music and live performances. Lipinsky Hall houses the Music Department as well as other campus programs.

Music Department Facilities:

Other Departments in Lipinsky:



  • The basement level entrance near parking lot P14 is accessible.
  • The main entrance on the quad is equipped with an automatic door.
  • The entrance on the left side of the building (when facing from the quad) is accessible, and leads directly to the elevator.
  • The elevator can be reached through the double-doors in the far-left corner of the building when entering from the main entrance off the quad.


The closest accessible parking is in lot P14 off of Library Lane, with 2 accessible spaces.


Accessible restrooms are on the ground level of the building and on the first level in the foyer. 

Navigating access to campus

The majority of campus can be accessed from the quad level entrances of Lipinsky Hall.  To access Weizenblatt Hall from Lipinsky Hall, use the lower entrance near P14.

Location with Map: