Rhoades-Robinson Hall

Robinson connects with Rhoades, presenting a single facade on the main Quad. These buildings house the math department, as well as several science departments. Rhoades Hall is named for forestry and civic leader Verne Rhoades, whose family donated land for the access road to campus, Weaver Boulevard. Robinson Hall is named for engineer and civic leader Samuel Robinson.

Departments and Offices:

Rhoades Hall Renovation - a Green Initiative

Rhoades Hall and Rhoades Tower were renovated during the summer of 2012. In keeping with UNC Asheville's commitment to sustainability, the renovation includes several important environmental upgrades:

  • New plumbing, mechanical, and electrical systems as well as new data infrastructure.
  • Geothermal heat pump
  • Enthalpy wheel- provides for energy recovery and allows downsizing of hvac equipment
  • Hot water pre-heat/heating- partially provided by the process heat generated from the geothermal system
  • Energy efficient windows
  • Gypsum interior wall covering will aid in sealing building envelope



  • The main accessible entrance on University Heights is equipped with an automatic door. 
  • From the quad, the main left side entrance closest to Zeis and Ramsey Library is accessible with an automatic door. 
  • The main right side quad level entrance closest to Phillips Hall and Highsmith Student Union is accessible with an automatic door. 
  • The elevator can be reached from the main accessible entrance on University Heights by turning down the right hallway and then down the next hallway to the left. The elevator is in the far left hand corner. 
  • From the left side quad entrance, the elevator is to the immediate right.
  • From the right side quad entrance with the glass atrium, the elevator is past the stairwell and to the right through a glass walkway overlooking the courtyard. 


The closest accessible parking is in lot P24 on University Heights. 


All restrooms in Rhoades-Robinson Hall are accessible. 

Location with Map: