The Down Under

About The Down Under

Located in Ponder Hall on the ground floor and lovingly referred to as "Dunder" by students, The Down Under is a great spot for sandwiches, pizza, and late night cravings!

  • Our deli lets students create everything from gourmet classic ham and cheese to a super stacked Italian sub
  • We proudly serve Starbucks coffee including Frappuccinos - perfect for those early school days where the temperature is still a bit high
  • Flatbread pizzas with fresh toppings like basil, tomatoes, peppers, and mozzarella are a great late night snack
  • Open late - this venue doesn't close until 2 a.m.!
  • Tons of grab-and-go options like Uncrustables, The Hop ice cream (an Asheville favorite), granola bars, and more
  • Acts as a small convenience store with quick grab items like soup, oatmeal, and soda


Parking Spaces

Spaces for Down Under are on University Drive next to the bus stop in parking lot P18. A ramp leads down to the bottom level of Overlook, where the cafe is located to the right, down a breezeway, and reaches automatic entrances into the dining area.


The publicly accessible automatic entrance into the cafe is down the ramp, to the right past the vending machines and bike racks. The second entrance is in front of this one to the right, and leads into a small dining room that also accesses the residence hall.


  • The elevator for Down Under is not publicly accessible.
  • There are two accessible restroom, men’s and women’s and an available unisex restroom in the small dining area. The men’s and women’s is located across from the stairwell and the unisex restroom is next to the available kitchenette.
  • Water fountains are adjacent to the restrooms.