Justice Center

Justice Athletic Center is distinguished by its blue roof and statue of the UNC Asheville mascot, Rocky the Bulldog, at the corner of Campus Drive and University Heights. It adjoins the Student Recreation Center and houses the indoor pool, some Athletics Department offices, and basketball courts. The Justice Center served as UNC Asheville's primary athletic arena until the completion of the Sherrill Center's Kimmel Arena in 2011. UNC Asheville's Straus Track and Field, and the baseball and soccer fields, are located behind the Justice Center.



For the Justice Center and the Student Recreation Center, the first entrance near the Sherrill Center off Campus Drive is power assisted and enters into the main information desk. The second entrance is close to the available parking on University Heights and is accessible by ramp and is power assisted. It enters into a small lobby, that leads to a hallway, which eventually ends up in the main lobby with the information desk.


The accessible parking for the Justice Center is in lot P15 on University Heights. 


  • From the entrance off of Campus Drive adjacent to the Sherrill Center entrance, through the power assisted entrance, restrooms and locker rooms are past the information desk and down the left side elevator that leads to the ground floor. Water fountains are adjacent.
  • The swimming pool has an accessible ramp available and can be reached by the same elevator leading to the locker rooms.
  • From the side entrance off of University Heights and the downward ramp, the restrooms are through the single doorway that is not automatic, a small hallway looking down at the swimming pool, through another doorway, past the vending machine and through double doors. This leads to the information desk and main lobby of the Student Recreation Center, and the restrooms are on the same path as above.
  • For access into the Justice Center for volleyball games, go down the ramp to the front of the building for accessible but non-automatic doorways that lead into the gymnasium. Accessible seating is available.


Charles “Choo-Choo” Justice began his extraordinary football career on the Asheville High football team. After serving in World War II, Justice was an all-American at UNC Chapel Hill and went on to play for the Washington Redskins. The Justice Center was named for the outstanding local athlete in 1973, 10 years after the building’s construction.