Sherrill Center

Sherrill Center / Kimmel Arena

Located beside Justice Gym and up the hill from the Rocky the Bulldog statue, the Wilma M. Sherrill Center is a 130,000 square-foot facility that houses the Health and Wellness Department and the N.C. Center for Health and Wellness. The facility is also home to a portion of BowlLife, Campus Recreation, UNC Asheville Athletics, and University Enterprises. The Sherrill Center's Kimmel Arena, UNC Asheville's largest event space, has a capacity of approximately 3,200 for basketball games and can host up to 3,800 for concerts, speakers, conferences, and other events. 


Parking Spaces

Available and accessible parking for the Sherrill Center and the Justice Center are on the street level on University Heights in parking lot P15. Other parking areas are on Campus Drive and behind Wellness Way in a concourse deck P9 accessing Kimmel Arena.


There are three entrances into the Sherrill Center, one of which is accessible, and one entrance into Kimmel Arena.

Sherrill Center - The main entrance on the main level off of Campus Drive is power assisted and faces the elevator that accesses all three floors of the building. The second entrance that accesses the Health and Wellness Department or the departmental wing is off of the concourse facing Kimmel Arena and the parking deck and is power assisted. The second floor of the Sherrill Center does not have an accessible entrance.

Kimmel Arena - The main direct entrance is off of the concourse and has an automatic entrance. The ticket booth is accessible and there are available hearing assisting devices.

Elevators, Restrooms, and Water Fountains

Sherrill Center

  • On the ground level off of Campus Drive, the elevator for the Sherrill Center is directly across from the power assisted entrance.
  • On the second level that is next to the workout room, restrooms and water fountains are through the double doors next to the staircase, and to the left down the hallway. Both women’s and men’s locker rooms have accessible showers and stalls.
  • On the third floor from the elevator, restrooms are through the double doors past the stairwell, and to the left on the right side of the hallway facing classrooms.
  • Other restrooms are also through the Junius and Patricia Grimes Atrium leading to the academic wing, near the elevator.
  • In the academic wing, the elevator is next to the automatic entrance and accesses the first level and Rosetta’s in the Wellness Cafe.

Kimmel Arena

  • Accessible seating in Kimmel Arena is available on concrete balconies facing the court.
  • Available listening devices are provided.
  • Accessible restrooms are on both sides of the arena, the first to the right of the automatic entrance, and the second straight down the “hallway” and to the right on the right side of the wall across from the glass windows looking out to the baseball and soccer fields.
  • The elevator that accesses the bottom floor of Kimmel Arena and floor seating is past the restrooms to the right of the entrance, and to the left near the concession stand.


The Sherrill Center is named after former Representative Wilma M. Sherrill in honor of her advocacy for the health and wellbeing of children and families. Construction began in 2009 and the building was dedicated in 2011.