Zeis Hall

Zeis Hall

Zeis Hall is located next to Rhoades-Robinson Hall off of the Quad near the library. Four-stories tall, the 86,000-square-foot building houses the departments of Biology and Chemistry and the Multimedia Arts and Sciences (MMAS) Program.

Zeis features 44 teaching and research labs that allow students to learn in small group settings that mirror leading science and research workplaces. These spaces were designed to bring a hands-on appraoch to teaching, whereby students spent more time learning in their labs than in their lecture halls.

The newest building on the Quad, Zeis Hall is named for Steve and Frosene Zeis, long-time friends of the university. Steve attended Asheville-Biltmore College, a predecessor of UNC Asheville.





  • The main ground floor (street level) entrance is accessible with an automatic door. 
  • The main first floor (quad level) entrance is accessible with an automatic door. 
  • The elevator can be reached from the ground floor entrance by turning right at the entrance, next to the stairwell. 
  • From the first floor, the elevator can be reached by walking through the foyer, and turning right next to the stairwell. 


The closest accessible parking for Zeis Hall is in lot P24 next to the bus stop. 


All restrooms in Zeis Hall are accessible, including an accessible shower on the ground floor.


Named for Steve and Frosene Zeis in honor of the largest gift ever given to the university. A non-degreed alumnus of Asheville-Biltmore college, Steve Zeis started his own firm, ZTM Sales and Service Inc, in 1983 representing some of Europe’s most prominent textile machinery manufacturers in the United States and Canada.  Frosene, an Asheville native and honors graduate with a degree in business from the former St. Genevieve of the Pines School in Asheville, managed the business side of ZTM. The building houses the departments of Biology, Chemistry, and New Media.